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  1. hi Ted my name is Lorne and i have followed this t block wave since 2011 , always wanted one and now i have a 57 Thunderbird c code car .but ithas 57 4v intake may not be the original engine . want to do some mods to it and being way up here in Canada theres not much help. anyway i could talk to you about it like a tollfree numberor something .anyway good work and i noticed the picture above is a 440 not a y block.

    1. Hi Lorne. Y-Blocks are only a small part of the business here. We work on all engines. There’s a 440 Six Pack getting ready to go on the dyno in the next couple of days so there are still a few Mopar engines floating around. Big block Ford & Chevy engines are in abundance here at the shop. Feel free to email me at eatonbalancing@yahoo.com as that’s my regular means of communication beside the phone. Ted Eaton.

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